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Topaz SigLite 4x3 LCD Electronic Signature Pads

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SigLite 4x3 LCD includes all the high-quality electronic signature capture features of Topaz signature pads with the added feature of an LCD interactive display allowing users to see "electronic ink" under the pen tip as they sign as well as navigate and display text and graphics. The large signing area and the touch-sensitive surface provide excellent price-performance characteristics and long life.

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SigLite 4x3 LCD Options
Part # DescriptionPrice
T-LBK750-BHSB-R Signature Lite 4x3 LCD, Siglite, 4X3, dual serial/HID USB, back light LCD display $292.50
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T-LBK750SE-BHSB-R Signature Lite 4x3 LCD, SigLite, Transaction Terminal, LCD, 4X3, Dual Serial & HID USB, Backlit, SE, Z-T-LBK750-SEBH. $312.10


Part # DescriptionPrice
P-T110-L1 Battery powered pen for SigGem/SignatureGem $48.50
C060-00393 TL462 Cable 10' USB Extension Cable. $21.00
A-BP01-1 Replacement Batteries (Set of 2) for models T-S261, S-S751, T-C912, T-C916 $17.20
A-TSL1-1 Signature Pad Stand, swivel/tilt design, compact and economical solution for securing your Signature pads to any flat surface. $149.00
P-ET110-HN SignatureGem LCD 4x3, 4x5, and SigGem Color 5.7 Pen. Nonremovable pen tip and mini plug connector that plugs directly into the jack in the back of the signature pad. $49.00
A-OLSL-1 Replaceable overlay for SigLite $18.30
A-PA01-1 5 Volt Wall Mount power Supply for SigGem. $29.30
P-T110-T1 Pen for KioskGem, Battery powered $59.00
A-ETH1-1 Ethernet 10/100 Serial Port Adapter. $149.00
A-PT01-6 Ink cartridges for 1x5, 4x5, and ClipGem (10 pack) $30.00
P-T111-B SignatureGem 1x5 Pen. Removable and interchangeable pen tips. Tips sold separately. $49.00
P-T113-B Signature Capture Pad Accessories, ClipGem pads pen without rubber boot. Removable and replaceable ink tip, tips sold separately. $49.00
A-CSA4-2 PS/2 VGA Connector Serial Cable $26.50
P-T112-B SignatureGem 4x5 Pen with Nylon-coated Steel Tether Cable. Removable and interchangeable pen tips sold separately. $49.00
A-PT01-5 Plastic tips for 1x5, 4x5, and ClipGem (10 pack) $29.30
P-ET110-HSN SignatureGem LCD 1x5 Tethered Pen. Includes nonremovable pen tip and mini plug connector that plugs directly into the jack in the back of the signature pad. $40.00
P-T-S01-B Replacement Stylus for Siglite series $29.30
A-OL43-1 Field-replaceable overlay for use with Topaz SigLite LCD 4x3 $18.30
P-T113-BSR Pen with Tether for ClipGem $48.50
A-OL45-1 Paper Guide Overlay for use with Topaz SignatureGem 4x5. $18.30
P-T110-L2 Pen for SignatureGem 4X3, 4x5 Digitizer Pen $49.00
T469-K33902 Bluetooth Adapter - For Topaz Bluetooth units $45.00
A-PT01-4 Plastic Tip - Quantity 5 - 1 x 5 - 4X5 - Clip Gem - WRT Gem - With Gray Pen. $25.00
A-PT01-106 100 INK TIPS $230.00
A-PT01-105 100 PLASTIC TIPS $150.00
A-CP15-2 1X5 CARRYING CASE $30.90
The Topaz SigLite 4x3 LCD is also known as the Topaz Systems SigLite 4x3 LCD .
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