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Topaz Signature Gem 1x5 Electronic Signature Pads

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Signature Gem 1x5 is a small electronic signature capture pad with a large signing area. Designed for accuracy, reliability, and portability, the Signature Gem 1x5 features a pen with interchangeable inking and plastic tips, small size and weight, and is powered only by your computer's data port. Unlike pressure-sensitive touchpad systems, the digitizing pen allows the sensor to be mounted inside a hard plastic casing for ruggedness and long life.

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Signature Gem 1x5 Options
Part # DescriptionPrice
T-S261-HSB-R Signature Gem 1x5, SigGem, 1X5, USB connection $207.00
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T-S261-PLB-R Signature Gem 1x5, SIG CAP PAD, 1 x 5, SIG GEM SERIAL $189.00
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Part # DescriptionPrice
P-T110-L1 Battery powered pen for SigGem/SignatureGem $48.50
C060-00393 TL462 Cable 10' USB Extension Cable. $21.00
A-BP01-1 Replacement Batteries (Set of 2) for models T-S261, S-S751, T-C912, T-C916 $17.20
A-TSL1-1 Signature Pad Stand, swivel/tilt design, compact and economical solution for securing your Signature pads to any flat surface. $149.00
P-ET110-HN SignatureGem LCD 4x3, 4x5, and SigGem Color 5.7 Pen. Nonremovable pen tip and mini plug connector that plugs directly into the jack in the back of the signature pad. $49.00
A-OLSL-1 Replaceable overlay for SigLite $18.30
A-PA01-1 5 Volt Wall Mount power Supply for SigGem. $29.30
P-T110-T1 Pen for KioskGem, Battery powered $59.00
A-ETH1-1 Ethernet 10/100 Serial Port Adapter. $149.00
A-PT01-6 Ink cartridges for 1x5, 4x5, and ClipGem (10 pack) $30.00
P-T111-B SignatureGem 1x5 Pen. Removable and interchangeable pen tips. Tips sold separately. $49.00
P-T113-B Signature Capture Pad Accessories, ClipGem pads pen without rubber boot. Removable and replaceable ink tip, tips sold separately. $49.00
A-CSA4-2 PS/2 VGA Connector Serial Cable $26.50
P-T112-B SignatureGem 4x5 Pen with Nylon-coated Steel Tether Cable. Removable and interchangeable pen tips sold separately. $49.00
A-PT01-5 Plastic tips for 1x5, 4x5, and ClipGem (10 pack) $29.30
P-ET110-HSN SignatureGem LCD 1x5 Tethered Pen. Includes nonremovable pen tip and mini plug connector that plugs directly into the jack in the back of the signature pad. $40.00
P-T-S01-B Replacement Stylus for Siglite series $29.30
A-OL43-1 Field-replaceable overlay for use with Topaz SigLite LCD 4x3 $18.30
P-T113-BSR Pen with Tether for ClipGem $48.50
A-OL45-1 Paper Guide Overlay for use with Topaz SignatureGem 4x5. $18.30
P-T110-L2 Pen for SignatureGem 4X3, 4x5 Digitizer Pen $49.00
T469-K33902 Bluetooth Adapter - For Topaz Bluetooth units $45.00
A-PT01-4 Plastic Tip - Quantity 5 - 1 x 5 - 4X5 - Clip Gem - WRT Gem - With Gray Pen. $25.00
A-PT01-106 100 INK TIPS $230.00
A-PT01-105 100 PLASTIC TIPS $150.00
A-CP15-2 1X5 CARRYING CASE $30.90
The Topaz Signature Gem 1x5 is also known as the Topaz Systems Signature Gem 1x5 .
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