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Motorola WT41N0 A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Motorola WT41N0.
Arm your workers with advanced real-time hands-free mobile computing and scanning and achieve maximum productivity, operational efficiency and accuracy in warehouse and package handling functions. From the dusty warehouse floor to the cooler and freezer, this rugged device delivers the information your workers need to streamline and error-proof processes, improving throughput and customer service for a rapid return on investment.
  • Ergonomic design provides all-day user comfort and worker safety
  • Flexible scanning peripherals - works with the RS309 and RS409 Wearable Scanners
  • Wide scanning range meets the needs of a wide variety of applications
  • 802.11a/b/g WLAN connectivity provides up-to-the-minute information for more timely decision-making, fewer errors and greater customer satisfaction
  • Flexible application support: voice-only, text-only and combination voice and text
  • Rugged design ensures reliable operation in challenging environments and wide range of temperatures
  • Run nearly any enterprise application with the powerful, high-performance platform

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Part # DescriptionPrice
WT4090-WRIST-STARTER WT4090 USB Starter Kit (Wrist). Includes everything you need to run your WT4090: ring scanner, wrist mount kit, charging/communications cradle, USB cable, power supply and US line cord. $858.30
SG-WT4023020-05R Wrist Mount, Freezer optimized down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20C). Includes 8" and 11" hand strap. See Price in Cart
SG-WT4023020-06R WT4090 Wrist Mount Frzr Opt Long Straps See Price in Cart
BTRY-WT40IAB0H Battery (Lithium-Ion, 4600MAH, 3.7V PAN HC) for the 4090 See Price in Cart
CRD4000-110UES Energy Star Single-Slot Cradle Kit for WT41N0: includes cradle (Part# CRD4000-1000UR), PS (Part# PWRS-14000-148R), US AC line cord (Part# 23844-00-00R) and USB cable (Part# 25-68596-01R). See Price in Cart
SG-WT4015231-01R Kit, Trigger assembly See Price in Cart
BTRY-WT40IAB0E Battery, 18650, 3.6V, 2330 mAh, NGW See Price in Cart
SAC4000-410CES Charger Kit (4-Slot, Battery Charger, ES) See Price in Cart
11-08062-02R Belt for Holster for MC30XX, MC31XX, MC90XX and WT40XX. See Price in Cart
SG-WT4026000-20R Freezer Pouch (2x Battery) for the WT4090 See Price in Cart
CRD4000-1000UR Cradle, Single-slot, USB, WRBL Terminal See Price in Cart
20-33831-02R Finger Mount assembly, PL, Ring $17.90
H4090-LI Symbol Replacement Battery, Replacement Battery (for the Symbol WT4090 Wearable Scanners), OEM Part Number: (Part# BTRY-WT40IABOE). $39.60
SG-WT4024000-01R Protective Skin for the WT40XX Terminal See Price in Cart
SAC4000-4000CR Battery Charger (4-Slot, WRBL Terminal) See Price in Cart
SG-WT4021010-01R Hip Mount for the WT4000 Series See Price in Cart
21-86630-01R Assembly, Plate, Wall Mount, Cradle and Charger See Price in Cart
CRD4001-4000ER Universal Charger-Cradle, Cradle (4-Slot, Ethernet) for the WT4090 See Price in Cart
SG-WT4027050-01R Arm Sleeve (5-Pack) for the WT40xx See Price in Cart
RDUYS08220007 Adapter: USB Mini A to USB A For WT4090 Assec. See Price in Cart
SAC4000-411CES Charger Kit (4-Slot, Battery Charger, ES, Intl) See Price in Cart
11-86559-01R Cushion (Personal) $25.60
Y6910DW Holsters, OP case for WT4090, with screen magnification (Note: Data Terminal Holsters are built to order. They can not be cancelled and are not refundable unless defective.) $46.30
SG-WT4026000-01R Freezer pouch for WT4000 See Price in Cart
SG-WT4023021-01R Kit, Replacement pad See Price in Cart
KT-WT40CRD-11R Wall Mount Charger Kit $890.90
KT-WT4090-DEMO Demo/Developers Kit, 128MB Flash Memory-Accessories $6,766.00
KT-43922-01 Watch Pin Replacement Kit Packet Of 100 $53.30
KT-41040-01R Replacement kit, Desiccant pack, RS309 or WS1200 Freezer See Price in Cart
KT-110828-01R Connector Shroud (Snap-Fit Part to Protect Disconnect Button) for the WT4000 See Price in Cart
25-85975-01R Cable assembly, Data cable, Short, for the RS309 / Titan II See Price in Cart
25-129940-01R (25-129940-01r) Connector Cable See Price in Cart
25-124412-01R (25-124412-01r) Connector Cable See Price in Cart
21-36429-02R Glove Assembly for the Titan Scanner. See Price in Cart
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