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Motorola AirDefense Appliances

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As part of a Motorola system, the AirDefense Appliances are true plug-and-play systems with a hardened operating system, optimized database, automated database maintenance, and all application software included. As an appliance, Motorola does not require an enterprise to buy, install, configure, lockdown, and support a server, operating system, and database. A true appliance comes ready with the application and all supporting software pre-loaded.

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AirDefense Appliances Options
Part # DescriptionPrice
BKSV-4250-P-1 Model 4250, Air Def Appliance Bksv 4250 Service Required See Price in Cart
SV-4250-P-1 Model 4250, Air Def 4250, Appl. Model Very L WLAN Environment $19,995.00


Part # DescriptionPrice
MB-SW2G-P-1 Software, License (Mobile Software Air Defense) See Price in Cart
AD-VASN-P-1 Accessories, License (Vulnerability Assessment, 1 Sensor) See Price in Cart
AD-SASN-P-1 License (Spectrum Analysis One Sensor-Ad) See Price in Cart
AD-RFDV-P-500 Software, License (Airdefense Live RF 500) See Price in Cart
AD-RFDV-P-1000 Software, License (Airdefense Live RF 1000) See Price in Cart
AD-RFDV-P-100 License (Airdefense Live, RF, Qty. 100) See Price in Cart
AD-IMDV-P-500 License (Airdefense WLAN Mgmt 500) See Price in Cart
AD-IMDV-P-50 Software, License (Airdefense WLAN Mgmt 50) See Price in Cart
AD-IMDV-P-25 License (Airdefense WLAN Mgmt, Qty. 25) See Price in Cart
AD-IMDV-P-200 License (Airdefense WLAN Mgmt 200) See Price in Cart
AD-IMDV-P-1000 Airdefense WLAN Management (License Pack Quantity 1000) See Price in Cart
AD-IMDV-P-100 Software, License (Airdefense WLAN Mgmt 100) See Price in Cart
AD-IMDV-P-1 Airdefense WLAN Management (License Pack Quantity 1) See Price in Cart
AD-FESN-P-1 License (ADV Forensics For One Sensor-Ad) See Price in Cart
AD-EPSN-P-1 License (Wep Cloaking For One Sensor-Ad) See Price in Cart
AD-CMC-P-1 License (Centralized Management Console) See Price in Cart
AD-ATSN-P-1 License (ADV Troubleshooting 1 Sensor-Ad) See Price in Cart
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