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Microscan MS-890 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners

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The Microscan MS-890 is a heavy duty scanner with the flexibility to solve a multitude of applications under a variety of factory conditions. The extended read range and intelligent sweeping raster provide robust reading of both linear barcodes and stacked symbologies. Versatility and rugged design make the MS-890 an ideal scanner for industrial applications.

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MS-890 Options
Part # DescriptionPrice
FIS-0890-0001G MS-890, Barcode Reader, Long Range, Standalone Version, RS-232/485,10-28 VDC $5,410.00
FIS-0890-0002G MS-890, Barcode Reader, Long Range, Wiring Box Ready, RS-232/485,10-28 VDC $5,410.00


Part # DescriptionPrice
FIS-5100-0001G MS-Connect 5100, Enhanced Multidrop Concentrator $1,095.00
FIS-0001-0030G IB-3PC Keyboard wedge/Interface Box $165.00
97-000012-02 Power supply (100-240 VAC, +24VDC, track 3Pin, USA/Euro Plug) $152.00
98-000051-01 IC-3USB Interface Kit, USB to Serial 15-pin $91.00
99-420003-04 Accessory, Wiring box, IB-890 $330.00
99-000004-02 Package Detector, Standard Diffuse, 120 inch Range, unterminated $248.00
61-000010-02 Cable, Communication, DB-9 Socket to DB-9 Socket, 6 ft $33.00
98-000018-01 Mounting Arm/Adapter kit, MS-890, 6 inch $99.00
20-610024-01 Trigger Connector, 4-pin Plug (screw terminal and field wireable) (self wiring) $33.00
98-000046-01 Large Base Plate, 12"x12" $44.00
99-000017-02 MS-Connect 210 Accessories, Photo Sensor, Visible, NPN, LIGHT ON (for use with IB-131) $193.00
99-000017-01 Photo Sensor, Visible, NPN, Dark ON $193.00
99-000009-02 Interconnectivity, IB-151, RS-232 - Ethernet TCP/IP $110.00
99-000004-01 Package Detector, Standard Diffuse, 120 inch Range, 4-pin Plug $248.00
98-200037-01 Kit, Mounting plate, MS-890 $44.00
98-000040-02 Cable, Interface and reader, 6 ft, IB-150 $193.00
98-000039-02 Kit, IB-152 $138.00
98-000017-01 Mounting Arm/Adapter kit, IB-890, 6" $99.00
98-000011-02 Kit, Plastic Window Replacement, MS-890 $143.00
98-000011-01 Kit, Glass Window Replacement, MS-890 $88.00
61-100029-03 Cable, Daisy Chain, IB-131 $33.00
61-000154-01 Adapter, Daisy Chain $83.00
61-000066-01 Cable, MS-Connect 210 to MS-Q (must be stripped by user before wiring) $88.00
61-000034-02 Cable, Comm/Serial, 25pin Socket to 9pin Socket, 6 ft $30.00
60-000031-01 Cable, 12' straight, USB interface $77.00
60-000009-02 Cable, 6' straight, USB interface $50.00
60-000008-02 Cable, 8' coiled, RS-232 interface $50.00
20-610020-01 Pwr Conn, 3pin Sckt (screw term and field wireable for custom wiring into IB-131) $33.00

Microscan MS-890 Details

Watch a video showing the MS-890 and its extended read-range capabilities.

The Microscan MS-890 is also known as the Microscan Systems MS-890 .
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