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Honeywell Dolphin 9900 Handheld Barcode Computers

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Honeywell Dolphin 99EX A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Honeywell Dolphin 99EX.
See below for remaining inventory available for purchase.
The Honeywell Dolphin 9900 mobile computers are purpose-built for robust mobile data collection and communication solutions - combining a rugged, user-friendly design with a complete suite of technologies to enable maximum mobile user productivity and efficiency. The Dolphin 9900 allows seamless connectivity between mobile workers and the enterprise through integrated wireless WAN and LAN communications for high-speed data transfer and cellular voice communication anytime, anywhere. The Honeywell Dolphin 9900 also boasts Bluetooth connectivity, allowing the device to connect to any compatible wireless device, broadening the mobile worker's capabilities in the field.

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Dolphin 9900 Options
Part # DescriptionPrice
9900E0P-321200 Dolphin 9900, 9900/802.11b/G EMEA/ Bluetooth $1,331.10
9900EWP-311100 Dolphin 9900, WI-FI (802.11b/G), EMEA, GSM EMEA, Bluetooth, 5300 SR, 43 key, WINDOWS MOBILE 6, 256MB x 1GB $2,020.10
9900EWP-321100 Dolphin 9900, WI-FI (802.11b/G), EMEA, GSM EMEA, Bluetooth, 5300 SR, 43 key, WINDOWS MOBILE 6, 256MB x 1GB $1,927.10


Part # DescriptionPrice
20000591-01 Dolphin 9500/9550/9900 Series battery: 7.4V, 14.8 watt-hour Lithium-ion battery pack. $100.60
200002586 Dolphin 9500/9550/9900 Series High Capacity Battery. 7.4V, 18.5 Watt Hour Lion Battery Pack $125.40
80000355E Cable, 6 ft. (1.8m) USB Cable $31.00
9500-QC-1E Dolphin 5500/7900/9900 QuadCharger Kit (U.S.): includes Dolphin Series four-slot battery charging station and US power cord/power supply. $454.30
9900-SCRPR03KITE Dolphin 9900 Series Screen Protectors (3-pack) $27.70
9500-HB-1E Single slot charging cradle for Dolphin 9500/9550/9900 with USB & Serial interface ports and auxiliary battery well. Includes US power supply, line cord, & spare battery charging slot. Cradle requires USB interface cable (Part# 80000355E), not included. See accessories. $306.30
9500-RS232-1E Dolphin 9500/9900 Series RS-232 charging and communications cable, power supply, and cord (US kit) $105.90
300001220 Hand Strap (with Easy Release Clip Kit) for the Dolphin 9900. $25.70
300001180 This part is replaced by 50102958-001.
Dolphin 9900 stylus kit with tethers - 3 pack
CETRMCLNT9900WM6 CE Term Client License (Dolphin 9900 Windows Mobile 6 - Terminal Emulation Software) $183.90
9900-MB-24 Dolphin Accessories, Mobile Base-Truck Kit (Mobile Charge Cradle with Serial Port) for the Dolphin 9900 series. $331.80
9900-MB-12E Mobile Charge Base Vehicle Kit (UNIV Mount-Bracket, 12V) for the Dolphin 9900. $392.30
9900 BOOTE Protective rubber boot for Dolphin 9900 Series. $45.30
9500-WMKE Dolphin Net Base / ChargeBase Wall Mount Kit: includes mounting bracket with mounting bolts (must order two kits per Net Base for proper installation) $30.40
9500-MCE Dolphin 7850/7900/9500/9900 Series Mobile Charger: includes Dolphin mobile charging solution with cigarette lighter power adapter. $105.90
9500 COVERE Dolphin 9500/9900 protective enclosure with clear front, swivel belt clip, and shoulder strap $90.90
9500 COVER/2E Dolphin 9500/9900 protective enclosure with swivel belt clip and shoulder strap $90.90
77900910E Cable, 6 ft. (1.8m) RS-232 Cable $29.80
41206347-01E Dolphin Series powercord for QuadCharger (U.S.) $20.40
100004799 Dolphin 9900 Industrial I/O Connector Cover $30.90
100003565 Dolphin 9900 Mobile Computer Accessories, 9900 56 key Overlay (for 5250 T) $13.90
100003564 Dolphin 9900 Mobile Computer Accessories, 56 key Overlay (for 3270TE) for the 9900 $13.90
100002189 Dolphin 9900 Mobile Computer Accessories, Stylus (for the 9900) $15.50
100001700 Torx L-key wrench for Dolphin 9500/9900 GSM/GPRS SIM door $14.70
04800050E Dolphin Series Wrist Lanyard $18.30

National Barcode Honeywell Dolphin 9900 Review

The Dolphin 9900 is a mobile computer specifically designed for rugged applications that require real-time data access through WiFi or through batch collection. This device is most commonly found indoors collecting inventory, picking orders, tracking the manufacturing process, or in the hands of forklift drivers. The 9900 may only have WiFi connectivity but going outdoors is not a problem. Delivery drivers love these units; just ask a FedEx driver! It was designed to handle drops to concrete, tumbles, and general daily abuse. The Motorola MC9500-K may offer cellular connectivity but any application working in a standard wireless network can save quite a bit and get a 2D scanner as a standard feature with the Dolphin 9900. If you need a robust mobile computer that works as hard as your business does, the Dolphin 9900 is you best option.

Honeywell Scanning and & Mobility is a leader in AIDC and the new home for many products formerly available from Hand-Held and Metrologic.
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