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The Cherry RC128 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

The Cherry RC128 keyboard features customizable color keycaps which allow for easy visual recognition of common functions. This not only reduces transaction time, it also helps train new employees. The result is faster transactions and happier customers! Known for their reliability, Cherry keyboards also minimize downtime, keeping checkout lanes flowing freely and smoothly. All models are backed by a three year warranty. All RC Series keyboards feature the ability to plug-and-play upon completion of configuration. Cherry keyboards also feature unique programming software, which allows for quick product set-up and program configuration.

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Part # DescriptionPrice
M-5450 Mouse (Scroll Wheel, USB and PS/2 Connection - Standard Design) - Color: Black $20.70
8381-0003 SPOS Relegendable Key (BDY, 1 x 2, Vertical, Black) $10.30
G991779ZUB SPOS Accessory Kit, Includes 1 x 2 and 2 x 2, Lens and Keybodies and Paper. Color: Black. $28.20
G99-1779ZUB Spos Accessory Kit, Black, Includes, 1X2/2X2 Lenses And Keybodies, Colored Paper Inserts And Blanks, Nc/Nr $28.20
KBCV-1800N Keyboard cover for the 1800 model without Windows keys - 101 key version $20.10
KBCV1800W Keyboard cover for 1800 model with Windows - 104 key version $19.40
KBCV4400N Keyboard cover for 4400 model with Windows and track ball - 83 key version $20.10
KBCV8000W Keyboard cover for 8000 model with magstripe - 104 key version $20.10
KBCV-8113W Keyboard Cover for 8113 Keyboard, MSR, Touchpad Model, 120 key Version $20.80
G99-1781ZUB Spos Accessory Kit, Light Gray Includes, 1X2/2X2 Lenses And Keybodies, Colored Paper Inserts And Blanks, Nc/Nr $29.60
ST1210UAE St121, Smart Card Reader, Blue Socket, Usb, Black, Fips-201 Compatible, Cac Cert, Nc/Nr $26.10
ST-1210UAE St-121, Smart Card Reader, Contact, Standalone, Black, Cherry Chipset, Usb, Nc/Nr $23.80
MT-3030W Wireless Travel Mouse (27 MHz, Symm. 1000 dpi, 3 Button, USB Con) - Color: Silver $37.90
KBCV61411W Keyboard cover for 61411 model $20.10
KBCV16001W Universal Keyboard Accessories, Keyboard Cover (for the J82-1600ser) $19.40
KBCV11900W Keyboard cover for 11900 model with Windows - 104 key version. Package of 10 covers $139.70
KBCV-8000W G81-8000 PLASTIC KEYBOARD COVER, US KEY LAYOUT (10 Unit Minimum Order) $14.00
KBCV-6644W G83-6644 KEYBOARD COVER (10 Unit Minimum Order) $23.50
KBCV-61401W PLASTIC KEYBOARD COVER, WITH WINDOWS KEYS FOR THE G86-61401 (10 Unit Minimum Order) $20.10
KBCV-16001W KEYBOARD COVER, J82-16XX MODELS, US LAYOUT, PLASTIC (10 Unit Minimum Order) $20.10
JM-0300 Universal Keyboard Accessories, Mouse (Illuminated and Rubber Sides, USB Cable, Optical) - Color: Black and Blue $24.10
G991781ZUB SPOS Accessory Kit, 1 x 2, 2 x 2 Lenses and keybodies, Blanks, Light Gray $23.40
8381-0008 SPOS 2X2 KEYCAPS - Pack of 100 pieces. $10.20
8381-0006 2X2 key BODY, BLACK (100 Unit Minimum Order) $10.40
8381-0001-SINGLE Key Caps, SPOS Relegendable Key (BDY, 1 x 2, Horizontal, Black). Single key. $10.30
8381-0001 SPOS Relegendable Key, Keybodies, 1 x 2, Horizontal, Black. Package of 250 keys $1.00
83710003 SPOS Relegendable Key (Lens, 1 x 1, Transparent) $10.30
8371-0003 Spos Keycaps, Lens, 1X1, Nc/Nr $10.30
72101 Adapter (PS/2 to Serial) for Keyboard Mouse $84.20
643-2920 0 1=100 Pieces of Incription Paper (Blue) $10.30
62818969 Double Keys $11.20
62815338 Keycaps (1 x 1 Relegendable, Minimum Order Quantity 250) Use with the 62817329 $10.40
628-15338 1X1 VERTICAL KEYCAPS, BLACK, RELEGENDABLE (250 Unit Minimum Order) $10.50
0643-2922 YELLOW PAPER FOR KEYCAPS (25 Unit Minimum Order) $10.30
0643-2919 RED PAPER FOR KEYCAPS (25 Unit Minimum Order) $10.30
0628-7379 Key Caps, 1 x 1 Relegendable Key Cap Covers, Single Cap - Color: Clear. 250 unit order minimum. Non-Cancellable, Non-Returnable. $10.40
00024734 Label (MID MX TIP2 - A4 White, Double Horz 50x, Quadpl 5x A4) $18.60
00024733 Label (MID MX TIP1 - A4 White, Single 100x and Double 10x on A4) $14.30
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