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Thanks to the secure PIN entry (class 2 reader) and the EMC certification, you can assume that your data will be transmitted securely, with the Cherry G83-6744 Keyboard Whether you are paying with a smart card, encrypting your files, signing documents, or just logging onto the network, with the USB keyboard SmartBoard G83-6744 you're always on the safe side.

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Part # DescriptionPrice
G836744LUAUS2 G83-6744, SmartBoard (Full Size, 104 key, USB, Smart Card Top, Omnikey x Chip and PC/SC EMV Compliant) - Color: Black $63.10


Part # DescriptionPrice
M-5450 Mouse (Scroll Wheel, USB and PS/2 Connection - Standard Design) - Color: Black $20.70
8381-0003 SPOS Relegendable Key (BDY, 1 x 2, Vertical, Black) $10.30
G991779ZUB SPOS Accessory Kit, Includes 1 x 2 and 2 x 2, Lens and Keybodies and Paper. Color: Black. $28.20
G99-1779ZUB Spos Accessory Kit, Black, Includes, 1X2/2X2 Lenses And Keybodies, Colored Paper Inserts And Blanks, Nc/Nr $28.20
KBCV-1800N Keyboard cover for the 1800 model without Windows keys - 101 key version $20.10
KBCV1800W Keyboard cover for 1800 model with Windows - 104 key version $19.40
KBCV4400N Keyboard cover for 4400 model with Windows and track ball - 83 key version $20.10
KBCV8000W Keyboard cover for 8000 model with magstripe - 104 key version $20.10
KBCV-8113W Keyboard Cover for 8113 Keyboard, MSR, Touchpad Model, 120 key Version $20.80
G99-1781ZUB Spos Accessory Kit, Light Gray Includes, 1X2/2X2 Lenses And Keybodies, Colored Paper Inserts And Blanks, Nc/Nr $29.60
ST1210UAE St121, Smart Card Reader, Blue Socket, Usb, Black, Fips-201 Compatible, Cac Cert, Nc/Nr $26.10
ST-1210UAE St-121, Smart Card Reader, Contact, Standalone, Black, Cherry Chipset, Usb, Nc/Nr $23.80
MT-3030W Wireless Travel Mouse (27 MHz, Symm. 1000 dpi, 3 Button, USB Con) - Color: Silver $37.90
KBCV61411W Keyboard cover for 61411 model $20.10
KBCV16001W Universal Keyboard Accessories, Keyboard Cover (for the J82-1600ser) $19.40
KBCV11900W Keyboard cover for 11900 model with Windows - 104 key version. Package of 10 covers $139.70
KBCV-8000W G81-8000 PLASTIC KEYBOARD COVER, US KEY LAYOUT (10 Unit Minimum Order) $14.00
KBCV-6644W G83-6644 KEYBOARD COVER (10 Unit Minimum Order) $23.50
KBCV-61401W PLASTIC KEYBOARD COVER, WITH WINDOWS KEYS FOR THE G86-61401 (10 Unit Minimum Order) $20.10
KBCV-16001W KEYBOARD COVER, J82-16XX MODELS, US LAYOUT, PLASTIC (10 Unit Minimum Order) $20.10
JM-0300 Universal Keyboard Accessories, Mouse (Illuminated and Rubber Sides, USB Cable, Optical) - Color: Black and Blue $23.80
G991781ZUB SPOS Accessory Kit, 1 x 2, 2 x 2 Lenses and keybodies, Blanks, Light Gray $23.40
8381-0008 SPOS 2X2 KEYCAPS - Pack of 100 pieces. $10.20
8381-0006 2X2 key BODY, BLACK (100 Unit Minimum Order) $10.40
8381-0001-SINGLE Key Caps, SPOS Relegendable Key (BDY, 1 x 2, Horizontal, Black). Single key. $10.30
8381-0001 SPOS Relegendable Key, Keybodies, 1 x 2, Horizontal, Black. Package of 250 keys $1.00
83710003 SPOS Relegendable Key (Lens, 1 x 1, Transparent) $10.30
8371-0003 Spos Keycaps, Lens, 1X1, Nc/Nr $10.30
72101 Adapter (PS/2 to Serial) for Keyboard Mouse $84.20
643-2920 0 1=100 Pieces of Incription Paper (Blue) $10.30
62818969 Double Keys $11.20
62815338 Keycaps (1 x 1 Relegendable, Minimum Order Quantity 250) Use with the 62817329 $10.40
628-15338 1X1 VERTICAL KEYCAPS, BLACK, RELEGENDABLE (250 Unit Minimum Order) $10.50
0643-2922 YELLOW PAPER FOR KEYCAPS (25 Unit Minimum Order) $10.30
0643-2919 RED PAPER FOR KEYCAPS (25 Unit Minimum Order) $10.30
0628-7379 Key Caps, 1 x 1 Relegendable Key Cap Covers, Single Cap - Color: Clear. 250 unit order minimum. Non-Cancellable, Non-Returnable. $10.40
00024734 Label (MID MX TIP2 - A4 White, Double Horz 50x, Quadpl 5x A4) $18.60
00024733 Label (MID MX TIP1 - A4 White, Single 100x and Double 10x on A4) $14.30
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